Welcome to the official website of LOE perfumes, an independent Ukrainian brand of handmade natural perfumery!

On our site, you will find an exclusive collection of original fragrances, each of them created by hand.

In an inspired family-style workshop, we craft fragrances from professionally tested and high-quality natural materials, arriving at sophisticated and balanced perfume compositions. We make no attempt to imitate the aromas of world-famous brands – instead, all the perfumes you will find here have been developed by us.

In creating LOE perfumery, we use first-class materials from different parts of the world: in addition to phytoessences, these include natural pheromones such as musks, ambergris, as well as various resins. We also often rely on tinctures of our own production, obtained from fragrant plants and tree bark. Generally, we prefer to use natural aromatic substances in LOE products, although certain fragrances contain some low amounts of high-grade synthetic molecules.

• You can order fragrances in our "PURCHASE" section. Since our perfumes are made from expensive ingredients, you can buy fragrance samplers on our site.

In Kiev you may test our fragrances in shopping centre "METROGRAD", Velyka Vasylkivska str, 8, near metro stations Lva Tolstoho and Teatralna. District "Goods for house" (vse dlia domu), boutique "TEAMO".

• For true connoisseurs of the olfactory art willing to discover new facets of scent we can create individual fragrances. Describe your preferences – and we will develop the samplers. All conditions are discussed by correspondence.

Payment is through the MasterCard (card number will be indicated after you place your order). All prices are in Ukrainian currency. If you have any questions about the exchange rate, we will be happy to help you: when placing your order, simply indicate which currency you would like to pay in. Ordered products can be shipped to any country in the world; the order is sent after 100% prepayment. The cost of delivery is covered by the buyer.

Contact us: loeperfumes@gmail.com

Enjoy your shopping and have a good day!

We are open to cooperation with all those who like natural perfumery, beauty bloggers, owners of cosmetics and perfumes shops and online stores.